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About Tlon / Urbit

Tlon is one of the companies working on Urbit, a new platform for personal computing in the cloud. Urbit is a decentralized identity system (Urbit ID) and a network of personal servers (Urbit OS) designed for individual day to day communication, collaboration and commerce. You can learn more about Urbit and try it out at

While Tlon helps to build the core infrastructure of Urbit, its focus is on tools and products for communities that run on top of Urbit. The first of those was Landscape, a flexible communication tool at the intersection of Discord, and Notion that we launched in 2020. The second is Tlon Hosting Services, the easiest way to run an Urbit OS node. The third is a mobile version of Landscape, called Pocket.

Tlon is a focused, dedicated team of people. We’re excited about a future where we actually control our computers again. Getting there is going to involve a lot of rigorous work, and we’re excited to do it.

About you

You’re passionate about the written word and you know how to deploy it across a myriad of contexts. You’re good with both long and short-form content. You have an attention to detail and pristine grammar. You can bring our brand to life with a voice that matches our aesthetic. You are not a technical writer per se, but stay up to date on trends in blockchain, crypto, daos, nfts, defi, etc. You are organized, punctual, and a team player.

About the job

You’ll work closely with the VP of Marketing to create and manage compelling content across several channels. Content includes--but is not limited to--twitter posts, blog posts, guides, emails, ad copy, in-product messaging, and more. Once again, this is not a technical writing position, but some knowledge of blockchain technology and the ecosystem is necessary.

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Nice to haves

Please include in your application

We have hired quite a lot of people out of the Urbit Community. This isn’t a requirement, but all applicants should be familiar with Urbit. To get up to speed:

Tlon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy status, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, or any other non-merit factor.