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Community Update 1

Eleanor Sheehan
September 08 2022

We're trying out something new. To give our community more access to what we're working on, we're launching a public-facing group on the network. Join here: ~nibset-napwyn/tlon

Luis Buñuel looks through a lens.

We tend to make announcements about what we've been doing when a project nears completion, when we're ready to release it to our community.

Lift the veil too early, things change, and course correcting inevitably ensues. Lift the veil too late, interest wanes, and the announcement loses its luster. Tlon Public balances real time insight with the thoughtful consideration a release necessitates.

Going forward you can come to this group to read updates on forthcoming releases, hear from team members on their processes, and see some of the references that influence their work. In some shape or form, you'll also be able to access leaks from this group on the new tlon.io.

But still, you came here looking for answers and the question remains: what have we been working on?

Shh! Tlon's Team Working. Enlightened by Urbit.

When we released software distribution at Assembly last year we recognized that we were close to delivering a holistic toolkit for both users and developers on top of Urbit for the very first time.

Since then, Landscape has been the site of community and developer experiments alike. We’ve been so impressed with all that people have tried, discovered and created. New communities formed and worked together to build software, companies and cultures we couldn’t have imagined.

"I just can't stop thinking about Urbit"

While all of that was going on, we were quietly rebuilding Landscape and the requisite core infrastructure to support a much more robust, reliable and friendly toolkit for day-to-day computing in the cloud.

At Assembly this year, we're going to present the beginnings of an arc that we expect to build on into 2023 and beyond. As Assembly approaches, we’ll start previewing some of the work we’ve been doing: from interface to infrastructure, so everyone can begin to get familiar with a major update to Landscape.

We’re excited to show you everything we’ve been up to.