An invitation to build

Tlon is dedicated to building exceptionally high quality software that people can own, operate and rely on for long periods of time. We can’t build this kind of software on legacy computing platforms, so we built our own: Urbit.

Core Development

For nearly a decade, Tlon and Urbit were essentially synonymous. While Urbit expanded from personal project to usable network, Tlon was responsible for driving Urbit’s core development forward. As of 2021, Urbit is in good shape and in good hands.

While now separate entities, Tlon and Urbit remain fairly symbiotic, with the complementary goals of driving the Urbit network to success and building truly high quality software. For Tlon to build the best software, it needs Urbit to succeed. For Urbit to succeed, it needs to mature and stabilize. To do that, it needs new use cases. Tlon builds tools that foster those use cases. See the flywheel?

Tlon’s first product is Landscape. Open source, interoperable and truly p2p, Landscape empowers developers to build and distribute the highest quality software without the hurdle of databases, devops and app stores. It’s more than fun. It’s freedom.

To get familiar with the system, check out, our resources below and join the network. You'll find most of the developer community there.

urbit / urbit

An operating function

Landscape Apps

Attention: the alpha version of Landscape is an impermanent testing zone. Everything you create on the alpha, including groups, multi-party DMs, and messages, will be deleted prior to official launch in the Fall.

This applies only to data from the alpha. When the update is released to the network, everything from Landscape 0 will be migrated to Landscape 1. Your groups and messages will live on after the new version of Landscape is launched.

You don't have to worry about recreating communities or losing important conversations. Still, if you have concerns, get in touch.

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Start, host, and cultivate communities.