This will do. This will last.
This is Landscape.


Landscape is the digital basics toolkit for tomorrow's internet—where communities own what they build and can build from the heart.

With our Groups app, you can arrange applications into tailor-made communities—pulling from any app deployed over the network as well as Landscape’s own suite of essentials. Today, that suite includes Talk, Notebook and Gallery—for staying in touch, collecting your thoughts and collecting your media.

Whether a DAO or an artist, Landscape’s expandable, open-source system allows you to configure your online environment to your community's needs.

For DAOs

At last, truly decentralized tools that align with the web3 ethos. Rally around community objectives. Share new ideas and references. Stay in touch, free of distractions. Own every second of it.

Stay in touch with Talk

For Teams

Landscape offers all the tools, features and flexibility you need to manage your projects. Recenter your team. Reclaim your data. Return to calm.

Share reports on Notebook

For Artists

Landscape provides a clean, simple and customizable canvas that directly connects artists with their audience—with no intermediary monitoring or profiting from your work.

Express yourself with Notebook