Peer-to-peer collaboration
for communities of all
shapes and sizes.

Tlon is built to trust.
Built to last.
Because it's built on Urbit.

Communities your way

Whether you’re a team, a publication, or a group of friends, Tlon provides a few simple basics that communities can shape into something unique to their needs.

Everything in one place

Tlon offers a handful of channel types to get your community started.

Chat, write, and archive media—all under one roof with a single login.

Yours to own, completely

Tlon is decentralized and open source. You access Tlon through a unique Urbit ID, making for a truly peer-to-peer network. No middlemen handling your data or compromising the platform.

Simple to set up

Tlon is built on Urbit, a new software stack enabling total ownership over your software. We take care of running your Urbit ID for you, making sure it's always online and up to date, with Tlon Hosting Services.

Easy to grow

Tlon is better with friends.

Generate invite links from your app for people who aren’t on the network, setting them up with an Urbit ID in few quick steps.