Tlon's Mission

Galen Wolfe-Pauly
illustration of flower outlines

Tlon exists to build beautiful tools for staying connected.

We live in a permanently networked world. Now and forever we’ll be organizing our families, friends, teams and communities through connected devices, apps and services. There is no going back nor any reason to go back.

The ability to connect to anyone or anything, from anywhere, at any time offers incredible power. More than ever before, we can understand our world in new ways, at a much faster rate.

The network accelerates progress. The more connected we are, the more we can explore what’s possible and invent new ways of working, building, collaborating and living together.

We believe giving people their own tools for staying connected, tools that are simple to understand and last indefinitely, invigorates the acceleration of progress.

Today, our tools for connecting and communicating are not ours to shape, evolve or modify. By and large, they’re controlled by a select few companies that determine what we can do and how we can do it.

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us."’

If we cannot shape our tools we become subject to those who can. The power to control our tools for communication is also the power to shape society.

If we allow the power to be aggregated in a small minority, we give away our ability to speak freely, dissent and find meaning. Centralization of the essential tools of society threatens a new dark age.

To realize the potential of a world where we are ubiquitously connected, people must have the ability to freely share information and modify their tools without asking permission.

We aim to maximize the possible ways for people to assemble, organize, collaborate and communicate by giving them beautiful tools. In doing so, we deliver the ability for communities to define, pursue, and protect their own definition of progress however they like, for as long as they like.

Our goal is to build tools to support the vast archipelago of human organizations in all of their possible permutations. We believe the creation, evolution, and unfolding of our organizations should not be mediated or controlled by anyone but the members themselves.

We believe that people deserve to have simple, powerful, long-lasting tools to shape the way that they are connected. We believe you should trust those tools completely and they should be capable of outliving any company that may provide them.

To succeed at this we must solve the problem from end to end, from foundation to finish. We aim to materialize value for people in their everyday lives. Not to simply build technology.

Today we are surrounded by apps and services that elicit feelings of intense excitement, engagement and a sense of ‘I can’t get enough’.

We aim to produce tools that deliver peace of mind, efficiency and a sense of ‘I am connected’ without exhaustion.

Practical tools are not enough. Instead, we believe it’s essential to produce tools that are beautiful. A beautiful tool is built with care from end to end. Beautiful tools inspire trust; they can then be put to work to explore, experiment and discover new things.

Our mission is one that is only satisfied through continuous work. To possess a beautiful tool is to possess the power of controlling, shaping and building your digital future.